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Should technical writers also write fiction?

Should technical writers also write fiction?

A discussion with guest speakers Ron Blicq and Susan Haire

Ever wondered what it would be like to author a novel or a play? What is the advantage to technical writers also writing fiction? Is there one?

We know that many technical writers in Manitoba “dabble” in fiction. Does that enhance or confuse their technical writing? Can technical communicators look at fictional writing as a way to strengthen their writing or even earn extra income?

Susan and Ron will describe their experiences as writers of fiction and drama and the impact this experience has had on their technical writing. They will then lead a discussion to exchange ideas about their work and the questions it raises.

Wondering what to do on Tuesday night? Why don’t you come and join the discussion!

About the presenters

Ron Blicq (still) is a technical communicator and was an RRC instructor for many years. Since his “retirement” in 1990, he has turned his hand to writing novels and dramatic stage scripts, which he claims is equally as exciting as technical writing.

Susan Haire has been a technical communicator for over twenty years, but is also a local novelist. Susan is a past president of STC Manitoba, is its current vice-president, and is a recipient of the Distinguished Chapter Service Award. She currently works as a technical communicator for MPIC.

Meeting details

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 Seating from 5:30 p.m.
Prairie Ink Cafe
McNally-Robinson, Grant Park
1120 Grant Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Note: Food is not provided. Registration fee is waived for those ordering off the menu.

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