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New Executive Committee – Same faces, different roles …

New Executive Committee

During the usual annual general meeting, a slate of nominees for positions is announced before nominations from the floor are opened. At this year’s meeting, Andrew Quarry, the nominating committee chair, announced that he had been unable to recruit anybody for the voting positions. Although there had been some encouraging words and some expressions of interest in volunteering for specific projects, in the absence, in particular, of a volunteer for the position of President, he had not been able to obtain commitments.

Susan Haire chaired the nomination and elections portion of the meeting.

Introducing your familiar executive committee

The following persons agreed to serve in voting positions:

  • Andrew Quarry, President
  • Kevin Longfield, Secretary
  • Ben Davies, Program Chair and Past President (automatic succession)
  • Donald Nordman, Treasurer

The following persons volunteered to serve in the key non-voting positions:

  • Sean Lenehan, Web master
  • Allison Machovec and Danica Dimaray, Newsletter co-editors

Chapter meeting structure

The look of the chapter program will change dramatically in the upcoming year. No dinner meetings will be held and to meet the needs of chapter members, a suggestion was made of holding a couple of workshops throughout the year. More detailed information is provided in the Letter from the President, page 2 of the June issue of Manuscript.


  1. Hi,

    I’m interested in volunteering with STC Manitoba. I am currently working on the final course towards a Technical Communications Certificate at Red River College.

    I’m a member of STC, including the Manitoba Chapter. If you need help working on your website or newsletter I would love to help. I’ll also assist with other jobs as required.

    When is the next chapter meeting?

    Warmly, Kirby Gilman

  2. Hi Kirby,

    Thank you for your comment. I’ll forward your message on to our President, Andrew Quarry for a response.

    STC Maniboba Webmaster

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