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IMRIS: A local company leading the way in medical technology

IMRIS: A local company leading the way in medical technology
What images come to mind when you hear the term robotics? R2-D2? The CanadArm? Robots now come in all shapes and sizes, with practical applications in many different industries.

A Winnipeg company called IMRIS is leading the way in developing equipment, including robotics, for the medical field. STC is pleased to offer a tour of the IMRIS facility for its April meeting.

IMRIS is an exciting new company now recognized as a “global leader in advanced surgical imaging solutions.” It specializes in interventional MR suites for cardiovascular and neuro-surgery.

David Graves, who founded the company in 2005, describes it as follows: “IMRIS is all about providing image-guided therapy solutions that allow physicians to…improve decision making and improve outcomes for patients.” Some company achievements since its inception are as follows:

  • The IMRIS neuro enables MRIs to move into operating rooms world-wide to provide doctors with clear images of ongoing surgical procedures (the only company in the world that offers this technology).
  • IMRIS continues to acquire and develop new equipment for robotic surgery, e.g. the neuroArm, an MR-compatible surgery robot technology.
  • IMRIS is the only medical technology company in the history of Canada to produce a profit.

The IMRIS tour includes a company history, present and future initiatives, and a physical tour, including a fully functional demo suite.

Come out and learn more about this innovative Manitoba company!

Meeting details

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 Seating from 5:45 p.m.
1370 Sony Place
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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