STC Manitoba

A chapter of the Society for Technical Communication


STC offers several types of membership. To fully benefit from the Manitoba chapter’s services, we recommend you choose between the following types:

Classic membership: Includes membership in the Manitoba chapter and one special interest group (at the international level), paper and online access to the international publications, Intercom and Technical Communication, and voting privileges. Dues are $175 USD + $15 postage fee.

E-Membership: Same as the “Classic” membership, but with only online access to Intercom or Technical Communication. Dues are $165 USD.

Student: Includes membership to the CWC chapter and another chapter, three special interest groups, and online access to Intercom and Technical Communication. There are no voting privileges. Dues are $60 USD.

Note that the STC’s Limited membership does not include membership to the Manitoba chapter.

For full details about dues when enrolling with additional chapter or society-level SIGs, see the STC dues and tier structure.

Pay membership dues by major credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express), cheque, or money order. Payments are processed at the STC office in Virginia and membership cards and receipts issued.

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