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MEA Indexing Workshop Sequel: January 31, 2011

Indexing Nut ‘n’ Bolts: The Sequel

Presenter: Heather Ebbs
Date: Monday, January 31, 2011
Time: 6:30 – 8:30pm. Registration begins at 6:10 pm.
Location: Herzing College, 723 Portage Ave, room TBA. Free parking in the back (avoid doctor spots).
Cost: Members: $25, students: $15, Non-members: $35, students $25
Register: Two options:

Coffee: You can bring/buy coffee but you can’t keep your cup at the computer desks.

In a good index, readers can quickly find what they want and refer back later. How do we choose keywords and make our index easy to use?

In "Indexing Nuts ‘n’ Bolts" we learned the basics but realized the vastness of the field. Heather is back helping us expand our skills with hands on practice using Macrex indexing software. Join the rest of us beginners even if you missed the first workshop.

Last time, Heather taught over Skype from her home in Ontario. Get even more Heather for your money in the sequel, as she joins us in person.

Heather Ebbs, a past president of the (Freelance) Editors’ Association of Canada and winner of the Editors’ Association of Canada’s 1986 Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence, and current past president of the Indexing Society of Canada, is a freelance indexer, editor, and writer. Heather has indexed hundreds of books and periodicals, including trade non-fiction, scholarly books, high-tech manuals, health care guides, government reports, medical journals, and more. She is an instructor for the University of California Berkeley Extension (online) course "Indexing: Theory and Application".

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