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STC Manitoba 2014-2015 Nibble & Quibble Schedule

STC Manitoba

Unless otherwise posted, the time and place for all Nibble & Quibble sessions is as follows:

  • Place: Red River College – Roblin Centre, North East Corner, near the Tim’s Cafeteria
  • Time: 5:00 pm

Below is the list of upcoming STC Manitoba Nibble & Quibble sessions:

2014 October 16, Thursday

  • How to work with ‘reluctant’ subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Discussion to be led by Susan Haire

2014 November 12, Wednesday

  • Job searching, marketing yourself, and finding work on both a freelance and more permanent basis, including what the STC offers for helping people find jobs
  • Creating portfolios
  • Networking—how important is networking to a Technical Communicator’s career and what are some good ways to network?
  • Establishing a freelance career
  • Discussion leader to be determined

2015 January 26, Monday

  • Common problems faced by Technical Communicators and how to deal with them (this might be anything from choosing the right approach to a piece of writing to deciding which style guide to use)
  • Working with style guides
  • Discussion leader: Andrew Quarry
    Note: This meeting will be held from 10—11 a.m., in Room W411 (the board room).

2015 February 11, Wednesday

  • Software—which programs should the technical communicator have in their ‘toolkit’ and what are some good methodologies for staying up to date?
  • Discussion leader to be determined

2015 March 11, Wednesday

  • Wordless communication
  • Discussion leader to be determined

2015 April 14, Tuesday – Cancelled

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